❥ Springing into Action!

27 Mar
Its time to get your Spring on!

Its time to get your Spring on!

Jade of Jadezilla caught me today for a nice little chat.   I’ve really been overworking myself lately and it shows now that I woke up this morning sick as a dog.  It was amusing, and thanks to Jade I think I’ve now realized that I don’t really understand what the word “rest” really means.  That’s what you do when you’re sick right?  You lay down before you hurt yourself, and sleep it off?

I’m a workaholic of the worst type when it comes to Second Life.  Sure I procrastinate like anyone else for given periods of time, but when I get into that work mind set, it rapes me like a drunken party victim and hangs me out to dry for the next few days.  I lose sleep, work for ungodly amounts of hours, and I just don’t stop until I’ve run myself down so much that I’m forced to.  See, I’m sick, and I’m still sitting here blogging.

When I was a little girl I was the same way. Sometimes my Parents would literally have to pry the homework out of my cold sick little fingers just so that I would be forced to rest.   Unfortunately my Hubby may do the same thing to me tonight when he gets home.  Or maybe that’s fortunate?

Regardless, sick, not sick, busy, not busy, here I am blogging and its almost APRIL!  Can you believe that? Where did February and March go?  I swear I blinked and then they disappeared.  Despite it not getting warmer where I’m living, I’ve had a distinct craving for spring, flirty, pastel colored clothing.  For two weeks now I’ve been itching to get that ‘just right’ early spring outfit, and my God, I may have finally accomplished it!

WITH PINK!  …Big surprise right?  Yeah, yeah, I know.  I’m a glutton for it.  Pink this, pink that, pink pink pink, everywhere pink. /straightface.  What? I like pink.

Get your spring on!

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❥ Springing into Action!

I’ve had this adorable little crochet sweater from Monso for ages now and haven’t found the right opportunity to flaunt it yet.  Spring, however, has completely fixed that for me.  It was perfect, like the star shining bright in my inventory I knew the season had come into play for it just perfectly.

But what in the heck do you wear under it? O.o

Springing into April_009

I admit, I’ve never rocked crochet before.  So, this bit was a little challenge for me.  For those of you who haven’t worn items like this let me suggest a few things.   Keep it flirty.  Show a bit of skin.  It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to wear something long sleeved with something long sleeved.   Find a cute tube top, tank top, navel showing sweater… Something adorable like that.  Then if its colored crochet, keep the coloring simple.  Go with white or black, or a color that nicely compliments the tone your wearing.  Also, quarter length sleeves tends to match really well with a crochet style like the one I’m wearing.  It helps show off your wrists, which in my opinion is a very sensual part of the female figure.  Most women have dainty, sensitive wrists, which men over centuries have found appealing. In real life, this is also an area that’s used frequently to apply perfume, a cute little snippet you can use for RP when flaunting an outfit like this.

Its quickly becoming a stocking free society so shave those legs ladies!  Haven’t you missed the feeling of fresh air on smooth legs?  Air out those short shorts and cute skirts, pairing them with a nice set of heels can be the perfect ensemble for spring!~  This time around I went an alternate route for shoes.  Two things I can’t live without in Second Life are my Slink feet and hands.  Seriously, since I bought them I have not been able to stand returning to the SL default feet and hands.   I found recently that Slink retails certain pairs of shoes and sandals for the feet.  Before this I only wore their flat feet.  I’ll be honest, tip-toe feet in second life really kind of irk me.  When I see them, they make me wince, because all I can do is imagine walking on the balls of my feet barefoot all the time and how much it would hurt!  So up until recently I’ve tried to avoid them like the plague.   That is, until I found out that some of the mesh high heels from Slink were actually paired to fit these feet!

Springing into April_008

Another pet peeve of mine is the way SL textured feet look in high heels, so the opportunity to slip my slink feet on and plunge them into a pair of sexy platforms… well, I was all over it like a herd of walkers on Lori. (Walking Dead reference).  So finally, there was some rationalization for picking up tip-toe feet outside of JUST photography.  I was actually kinda stoked about that!

That wraps up this round!


❥ [monso] My Crochet Sweater – Pink

❥DeeTaleZ Tops sheer open back – black

❥ %.:EC:. Box Fiona Kit1 (skirt only)

❥Slink Fabric Platforms Black


❥ Eyes: Dead Apples

❥ Eye Lashes: Gaeline Cosmetics: Fantasia Mesh Eyelashes

❥ Face Stripes c( Two Cats ) Miqo’te Stripes (Not for Sale)

❥ Lip Gloss & Eye Liner: Izzies!

❥ Skin: Ingkeu’s Custom Modification (Not For Sale)

❥ Hair: Exile – Fusions Pack


❥ Oversized Sunglasses by Izzies


❥ Neko Tail: {Lemon Tea} Somali Tail

❥ Neko Ears: Mutation Industries: Cat Person

║██║Current Tunes: Toooo Sick for music.
║(O)║ No youtube link for you!
╚══╝ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪♫ ♪ ♫ ♪
▄ █ ▄ █ ▄ ▄ █ ▄ █ ▄ █
Min- – – – – – – – – – – -●Max

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