Fantasy Faire Prep Week: Day 2

18 Apr
{Invite to join Party} {Can I have it?} {Thank you!}

{Invite to join Party} {Can I have it?} {Thank you!}


Every day. Yeah, I lived up to that one quick huh?

Wanna know how out of sorts the Faire has had me? When I made the last post… I thought it was already Monday. I was a day ahead of myself. Ah well. We’re back to the daily blogging grind right? RIGHT?!

Right. I would have blogged yesterday, but you see, I was bit out of sorts. Monday night captivated me on Livestream for 12 making Owl Plushies, and sorting out the rest of my pose posters and stuff. …Descriptive, I know.

I had started streaming somewhere around 10pm Monday night, and finished streaming around 10:30 Tuesday morning. Soon after, to relieve the stress and pressure from the previous night my Husband treated me out to Sushi. Upon the return home I crashed for six hours, woke up around 4pm, and was up until 3am working on Fantasy Faire stuff yet again.

Since then, I have slept eleven and a half hours. Only to wake up, and assist Sei with some Fantasy Faire opinions and advice. I spent a couple of hours watching some Final Fantasy XIV:ARR news from their youtube (since I found out yesterday I have access to this weekend’s beta) and promptly finished a picture for this blog post, which… I’m actually exceedingly proud of.

I remember on Monday I had a lot of things I wanted to touch on for this blog post, but to be honest… I can’t remember a single one. I imagine its going to be like that for the rest of the week.

I’m feeling like a zombie slightly. Monster White (Zero Ultra) has become my replacement for water, and I’m slowly making my way towards the last step of completing my projects. Boxing and writing instructions that few people will ever read.

Hugs and kisses from your favorite Miqo’te White Mage.

Hope to see you at the Faire!

Products Produced so Far:

Magical poses for magical stuff!

Magical poses for magical stuff!

Miqo'te inspired Poses

Miqo’te inspired Poses

Exclusive Fantasy Faire three friend pose!

Exclusive Fantasy Faire three friend pose!

Hoot Plushies

Owl Plushies!~


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