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❤ Updates ❤


What’s that?

No, no, I’m still here.  No, I haven’t forgotten about you.  Well, I’m sorry blog, but I’m a busy girl with little money to spare at the moment.  What? You think Fantasy Faire did this to us?? Psh, blog, you have got to get out more.


Le click.

❤ Updates ❤

Okay, so all craziness aside, I haven’t updated in well… pretty much a month.  Hell, if it were February (even a leap year!) I could already say this month had passed with all but ONE blog post.  I’m slacking and I know it.  Its not because I don’t want to blog, because I do, trust me.  Its just that currently I am not only lacking inspiration, but subject matter too.

Sure, I’ve come up with some cute stuff lately on Flickr, but its nothing really fashion worthy that I feel has the need to be blogged. Ohhh Arcade, where are you when I need you??

OH! HEY! …Right around the corner apparently. The last Arcade took me (and my -read Sei’s- wallet) by surprise. I think between the two of us we dropped somewhere around 10,000 Linden on Gatchas.  I still don’t think we’ve recovered.  Which is why we weren’t really counting on this Arcade being any where near as awesome as the last.

…I think we drastically underestimated the event.  If all the previews I’m seeing on Flickr live up to their awesomeness, this Arcade could be (by far) wayyy more awesome than the last.  Pretty sure the last two weeks we spent preaching to ourselves about how we weren’t going to drop a ton of Lindens at the June Arcade were completely in vain.  My wallet is losing sleep over the fact that the Arcade is quickly becoming one of my favorite events in Second Life.

So to help with at least organizing how I’ll go about the Arcade I’ve compiled somewhat of an “Arcade Shopping List.”  Its like Grocery Shopping… but what you get is completely random.  …Which makes me wonder how much this list is really going to help.  BUT ITS ORGANIZED! And!! It might help you!~

❤ The List ❤


☒ Does not have.

☑ HAS.

Noodles – Fairy Tale Bows: 
 Topsy Turvy
 Boom Baby

Elate! – A Posh Picnic
 Picnic Basket

Commoner – Photo Albums
 It’s ‘Bout to Get Nostalgic
 Burn Book

Yummy – Uber Cat Cuckoo Clock

Miamai – TCS Floaties
 Mebbe Panders

Standby – World Tour
 Guitars & Cases
☒ Amps & Speakers
 Dude. Ukulele (its Batman repellent)

APPLE FALL – Breakfast @ Tiffany’s
 Tea pot and cup. omg.
 Tea cup
 Server trolley
 Snack decoration

Second Spaces – Game Night
 Anything really. Just for fun around house.

Tres Blah – Vanity
☒ Brushes
 Makeup Bag
 Nail Polishes
☒ Platter of treasures
… I only left two things out. Fuuuuck.

Tableau Vivant – Emotes
☒ Rare: Cat (Tard!!)

Noodles – Fairy Tale Charms Part II
☒ Floating Lights
☒ Fate Bow

O.M.E.N – Panda Sushi Sets
 Sushi bento
 Tuna Chopstics
 At least one of every place setting. (not all colors specifically)

Silent Sparrow – Corgi (Plushies?)
☒ idunnoijustwantonethey’recorgiesmkay?


2 Million Linden Donated!!

Fantasy Faire in Second Life is like putting eight Disney Worlds together and saying “Here, go explore, go have fun.” And best of all… you’re doing it for a great cause. The Drax Files have done a wonderful job compiling and explaining what Fantasy Faire is in Second Life if you’ve never visited the online world, or are curious as to what all the designer stress for me has lead up to. So far in the first 25 hours we’ve raised EIGHT THOUSAND USD for Relay for Life. The faire goes on for a total of seven more days. Can you say you were part of this cause yet?

I promise I’ll be back to normal blogging soon. ♥

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Fantasy Faire Prep Week: Day 2

{Invite to join Party} {Can I have it?} {Thank you!}

{Invite to join Party} {Can I have it?} {Thank you!}


Every day. Yeah, I lived up to that one quick huh?

Wanna know how out of sorts the Faire has had me? When I made the last post… I thought it was already Monday. I was a day ahead of myself. Ah well. We’re back to the daily blogging grind right? RIGHT?!

Right. I would have blogged yesterday, but you see, I was bit out of sorts. Monday night captivated me on Livestream for 12 making Owl Plushies, and sorting out the rest of my pose posters and stuff. …Descriptive, I know.

I had started streaming somewhere around 10pm Monday night, and finished streaming around 10:30 Tuesday morning. Soon after, to relieve the stress and pressure from the previous night my Husband treated me out to Sushi. Upon the return home I crashed for six hours, woke up around 4pm, and was up until 3am working on Fantasy Faire stuff yet again.

Since then, I have slept eleven and a half hours. Only to wake up, and assist Sei with some Fantasy Faire opinions and advice. I spent a couple of hours watching some Final Fantasy XIV:ARR news from their youtube (since I found out yesterday I have access to this weekend’s beta) and promptly finished a picture for this blog post, which… I’m actually exceedingly proud of.

I remember on Monday I had a lot of things I wanted to touch on for this blog post, but to be honest… I can’t remember a single one. I imagine its going to be like that for the rest of the week.

I’m feeling like a zombie slightly. Monster White (Zero Ultra) has become my replacement for water, and I’m slowly making my way towards the last step of completing my projects. Boxing and writing instructions that few people will ever read.

Hugs and kisses from your favorite Miqo’te White Mage.

Hope to see you at the Faire!

Products Produced so Far:

Magical poses for magical stuff!

Magical poses for magical stuff!

Miqo'te inspired Poses

Miqo’te inspired Poses

Exclusive Fantasy Faire three friend pose!

Exclusive Fantasy Faire three friend pose!

Hoot Plushies

Owl Plushies!~


Fantasy Faire Prep Week: Day 1

Looking way better than I feel!

Looking way better than I feel!


For the last two years the event that has stolen my heart in Second Life has been Fantasy Faire. The immersive and gorgeous sims each ranging with their own fantasy theme. The exclusive products. The quality designers, events, and activities. Its enough to put stars in ones eyes for the entire eight day span of the Faire.

This time last year I was visiting the faire wondering what it would be like to be one of those many Fantasy Faire designers, and how awesome it would be to take part in such an amazing event. Well, now I’m here doing it and I’m going to share with you the ups and downs, stress and joy, of being a designer in such a huge event.

This week I’m going to do a special event where I’ll be blogging each day right up until the start of the Faire. Keep in mind that the Faire is, for lack of a better phrase, pretty much under NDA until the Early Access Bloggers have their way with it on the 19th. Word has it that the Fantasy Faire sims that are online are sooo secret that they merely have giant pink lawn flamingos in them. IE: They’re not even up and running yet.

So where am I? What am I doing? I am pulling out my hair strand by strand and stressing until I’m blue in the face. As a FF designer, I have deadlines, and I’ve had these deadlines since March. But as some of you may know, inspiration is a fickle thing. In many ways its like a cat. It comes and goes when it pleases, demands to be fed at five am in the morning when you’re dreaming peacefully, and occasionally asks to be let out so that it may run rampant on a blank SL canvas. It can disappear for days at a time and sleep for any amount of God given hours in a day. Or at least, this seems to be how mine works and like a cat, I seem to be most creative in the wee hours of the morning. I’m neglecting to mention the frazzled and disturbing image of myself, eyes blood shot and caffeine hung over after “inspiration” has had its way with me and smoked a cat nip joint.

Here it is, the last week, the final deadline, and I feel as if I’m only now getting started. Of course, this hasn’t been for lack of trying. All procrastination aside, I spent countless wasted hours trying desperately to come up with ideas as for what I wanted to do for the faire. The first thing I managed to come up with was reawakening an old idea and presenting the food trays. Luckily, it seems as if it’ll work.

Item one down. Yet, that never seems like enough. Bringing one item to the faire, even if its technically three versions? NOPE. Not enough. Now we’re back to square one all over again.

So what do you do when you’re out of inspiration and struggling like a mad woman?

You learn something new. What did I decide to learn? Poses. Why? Because I needed to create a holding pose for my trays. Safe to say, that’s been accomplished. …And then some. It occurred to me in the midsts of my pose creation that I should do more.

And more was done. In a grand total of ten hours I have successfully taught myself how to create poses, and Sei tells me I’m not half bad at it. So outside of the many flop poses I made, I now have two sets of five poses ready for the faire along with one three person pose and one couples pose. Though I haven’t decided entirely if those will accompany us to the faire. I’m debating.

The entire ten hours that I put forth into learning poses and doing all the pictures for them was spent without break (excluding getting food) and I Livestreamed the whole event. Its nice though, that through designing for an event like this I have found a new hobby. I Find that I actually quite fancy creating poses. They’re fun, and new!

I think all of that took place yesterday. I was up for 24+ hours, and at that point time just seems to blur together. I was also hyped on three different energy drinks and equivalently brought on the amusing stupid to go with it on the stream.

What’s going on today? My favorite word. Re cooperation. Recovery. Rest. Today’s drink diet consists of WATER and only water as I try and purge my system and rest. Because what happens tomorrow? The same thing that happened yesterday and this will most likely be my pattern right up until the Faire.

This is how I design.

Welcome to Fantasy Faire Prep week.

Poses so far:

Exclusive Fantasy Faire three friend pose!

Exclusive Fantasy Faire three friend pose!

Miqo'te inspired Poses

Miqo’te inspired Poses

Magical poses for magical stuff!

Magical poses for magical stuff!


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❥ Icecream

Get Inked #2 with extras

February was when I saw it coming. I sat staring out the warm sun lit window of my little beach shack and saw the hurricane looming in the distance. Whore Couture, Collabor88, The Arcade, and more!? They were all heading my way in one blogging hurricane fiasco waiting to happen.

Where do I start? Which one do I blog first? But the Arcade has so many pretty things!! I want to blog them all!!! …And I still might. But this, this is a good start. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to blog. There were so many wonderful items that I really just wanted to put everything into one big room, take a picture of myself in a pile of them and call it good.

Yet, that wouldn’t have done them justice. I’ll say this much, I started seeing adverts for the latest Arcade Event (March) back in February, and I was already excited then. You have no idea how many amazing items all of those creators have put out… that is unless you’ve been.

Is it scary that I lost five thousand Lindens to Gatchas in under thirty minutes of my first being there? I think so. Was it worth it? Absolutely. I will savour my Gatcha addiction for months to come with the excellence of these items.

So lets start as square one. Food. Its my deadly weakness. Nommables… cute food decorations… I’m screwed. I -have- to have them at that point. So when Tee*fy released their Gatcha line up for sweets and sweet makers galore I was sold! I don’t think I put more money into a machine than this one. I LOVE cake pops, and… well just about everything they had. One of the items that stood out the most to me though, was their Beverage Dispenser. The Fruit Punch one is adorable! I also have yet to get the lemonade one. It will be a gift that I must get for Sei, being the owner of Lemon Tea and all.

The Sugar Battalion also won me over with their line up of cute decorative cupcakes shaped like tiny deer, goats/sheep, or rabbits. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get a picture of this go around. However, you can see them if you visit The Arcade. ( Now pictured below. )

Assorted Arcade Gatcha Items around my bed.

Assorted Arcade Gatcha Items around my bed.

Below I’m going to feature some more items from The Arcade that I (unfortunately) won’t have the chance to blog if I’m going to do everything that I want to this month.

Featured: .: Standby Inc. -  Bento boxes and Fruit Punch Drink Dispenser from Tee*fy

Featured: .: Standby Inc. – Bento boxes and Fruit Punch Drink Dispenser from Tee*fy

{sa} Make Love Not War Art

{sa} Make Love Not War Art

-tb- Tea Time - Cupcakes

-tb- Tea Time – Cupcakes

Intrigue Co. - Plushie Pals: Circus!

Intrigue Co. – Plushie Pals: Circus!

.: Standby Inc. - Sunrise Shelf & Assorted Coffees

.: Standby Inc. – Sunrise Shelf & Assorted Coffees

┊  ┊  ┊  ┊
┊  ┊  ┊  ★
┊  ┊  ☆
┊  ★

❥ Icecream

I’m feeling long winded this go around, but lets get to the outfit. I wanted to use my Cake Pops Bouquet from Tee*fy and realized that it would be the base for my outfit this go around. So, to sweeten the mood, I selected a delectable little outfit from *ICING* that seemed to fit both the pops, and the skates at the same time. Hooray for 50s retro style car hops! It was the absolute perrrfect occasion! *ICING*’s Carhop Cutie outfit comes in multiple colors to suit your preference. Mine just happened to be, as usual, a nice light pink.

Tee*fy Cake Pops Bouquet & Sweets Charm Bracelet

Tee*fy Cake Pops Bouquet & Sweets Charm Bracelet

So here comes the bargain part of the outfit. Pulling the look together I decided I needed a few sweet based accessories. Believe ir or not I was able to gather not only the charm bracelet, but the charm necklace as well for under 20L. It was a steal (especially after my Arcade losses!) and they’re flat out adorable!

Sweets Charm Necklace and c( Two Cats ) Neko Bell Collar (Coming Soon!)

Sweets Charm Necklace and c( Two Cats ) Neko Bell Collar (Coming Soon!)

And finally, what car hop waits on cars with out a shiny new pair of skates? We can thank the Arcade again for these babies as The Secret Store released these beauties in a menagerie of colors! I promise you there’s a pair to fit any look, but these were my must haves of that gatcha. This was an Arcade month of pink!

Skates from the Secret Store!

Skates from the Secret Store!

I’ll be blogging the rest of the look below, so if there was something that I didn’t mention, and you’re curious, the answers will be there!!

 *ICING* Carhop Cutie – Pink
 Izzie’s – Sheer Tights (Basics)
 The Secret Store – Vintage Roller Skates – Candy
The Arcade:

❥ Eyes: {D.A} Sinistre – Cloudy Blue/Saturated Forest Green
❥ Eye Lashes: Gaeline Cosmetics: Fantasia Mesh Eyelashes
❥ Face Stripes c( Two Cats ) Miqo’te Stripes (Not for Sale)
❥ Lip Gloss & Eye Liner: Izzies!
❥ Skin: Ingkeu’s Custom Modification (Not For Sale)
❥ Hair: Ingkeu’s Custom (Mix of two Wasabi Pills hair and one Magika hair)


 *MM* Yummy Charm Jewelry Set
 Tee*fy Cake Pops bouquet
The Arcade:
 c( Two Cats ) Neko Bell Bow Collar (coming soon)
❥ Neko Tail: {Lemon Tea} Somali Tail
❥ Neko Ears: Mutation Industries: Cat Person

║██║Current Tunes: “Icecream” – Hyuna
╚══╝ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪♫ ♪ ♫ ♪
▄ █ ▄ █ ▄ ▄ █ ▄ █ ▄ █
Min- – – – – – – – – – – -●Max


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❥ Meet me in the Red Room


An Introduction:

I’ve spent a lot of time debating as to whether or not  I would ever start a blog.  It has its ups and downs I’m sure.  I’ve seen a lot of them on Flickr.  People stealing photos, posting them as their own on other websites… People copy botting shapes, and selling them on the Marketplace…  Heck, I’ve seen bloggers get their identities stolen.

So why Blog?  Passion.  Passion for creativity, for shopping, for expression.  Have you ever felt like you needed to express something so grand you would explode if you didn’t? That’s why.

My short amount of time on Flickr has given me enough of an eye opener to fore-see some of the issues I may encounter in the future.  Yet, I think its time I’m finally ready to toughen up and put my foot out the door.

So here goes nothing.

Are you ready to Get Inked?

┊  ┊  ┊  ┊
┊  ┊  ┊  ★
┊  ┊  ☆
┊  ★

Meet me in the Red Room

I stayed up late last night with the intentions of stopping by both Whore Couture and the Arcade, but wound up getting so snugglely with my Hubby that I wound up passing out before both had opened!

So, rolling groggily out of bed this morning I stumbled over to my computer and embraced my sleep ridden stupor just long enough to get logged in and over to Whore Couture.  The wait to get into the sim is long, but definitely worth it as there is an abundance of amazing products over there this year!

Today I decided to blog a few of my personal favorites from the fair.  One of which being the reason I slipped over there.  Dead Apples by Soleil Reid recently released her “Three Dimensional Eye Shadows” at the fair and when I first saw them on Flickr I knew they would be a must have for my inventory.  Its safe to say that they did not disappoint.  Paired with my favorite set of eyeliners from Izzie Button they were to die for!  I’ve featured them above.

The second item that really stole my fancy was from The Sugar Garden. Oh my goodness I am so in love with the lingerie sets that were released that I bought them in three different colors.  Red, Black, and White are typically my signature colors since they work so nicely with my white hair so those were the three I chose to purchase.  I blogged just one though.  My favorite color, red.

I mixed and matched the set with a few other items I had prior to the fair to make my own unique look.  I have a rule in Second Life, and that is never to wear an entire outfit. What I mean by this is, I always mix and match my apparel, which hopefully should make this blog rather interesting.

Its hard to find a pair of -good- white stockings.  For a while I spent months looking for the best pair, spending a ton of L on expensive sets, when finally the purrrfect pair found me.  Naturally, they had to be a part of a $10L lingerie pack I found on the Marketplace.  The store they’re from is really quite impressive as they boast a handful of quality clothing for incredibly cheap prices making Etiquette Lingerie an amazing stop for some sexy apparel.

So! To complete the look I added my favorite pair of heels.  Why are they my favorite? Because they were an absolute bargain.  To start with, their base shade is pure white with very nice shading.  How does this help the wearer? If you tint them you can get them to match ANY outfit out there.  Why were they a bargain?  They were only $99L.

So there you have it. Sexy apparel for a good price with a unique touch of mix matching to top it off.

Who’s ready for that product roll? ^_~


♛ Bra & Panties: .tsg. Baby Doll Bustiere (Red)

Non-Rigged Mesh High Heels: Kakia Designs White Mesh Heels

 Stockings: Etiquette: Bianca Cloud (White)


Eye Shadows: {D.A} 3Dimensional Eyeshadows (Chocolate/Peach)

Eyes: {D.A} Sinistre – Cloudy Blue/Saturated Forest Green

Eye Lashes:  Gaeline Cosmetics: Fantasia Mesh Eyelashes

Face Stripes c( Two Cats ) Miqo’te Stripes (Not for Sale)

Lip Gloss & Eye Liner: Izzies!

Skin: Ingkeu’s Custom Modification (Not For Sale)

Hair:  Ingkeu’s Custom (Mix of two Wasabi Pills hair and one Magika hair)


Neko Tail: {Lemon Tea} Somali Tail

Neko Ears: Mutation Industries: Cat Person

Inspirational Mediums:

║██║Current Tunes: “Meet Me in the Red Room” – Amiel
╚══╝  ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪♫ ♪ ♫ ♪
▄ █ ▄ █ ▄ ▄ █ ▄ █ ▄ █
Min- – – – – – – – – – – -●Max

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